Where Does all our Trash Go?

The Towns and People Who End Up with NYC Trash.
Each person puts about about 4 lbs of waste per day into the trash. Multiply that by the number of people in your city or town and you'll see that it adds up fast.

After fifty years, New Yorkers stopped sending their waste to Staten Island. At considerable cost, or for a considerable fee, depending on your point of view, New Yorkers now send waste to landfills and incinerators in:

This animated map tracks what happens to New Yorkers' trash and recyclables when it leaves the curb.

Recycling Hero asks: Where does New York City's waste go?

Living City: Where Does Our Trash Go?

BY Melanie Burford and Greg Moyer | Sep. 25, 2014 | 7:47

New York City has one of the largest sanitation departments in the world, but, with declining landfills, we follow waste from sidewalks and garbage trucks to treatment facilities and upstate farms.









Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus County: Top Destinations for New York City's Waste

Waste is such a waste, and we do produce a lot of it. New York City, for example produces 12,000 tons of waste from the five boroughs, and that only includes households, government, schools, and non profits.

July 2014 Preliminary Mayor’S Management Report

Map: Where Are the Trashiest New Yorkers?
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