Preserve Value

Recycling preserves energy, natural resources, landfill space and animal habitats.

Instead of saying, "I'm going to recycle this, we should really say, "I'm going to preserve the energy and natural resources that are embedded in this thing by allowing the material to be recaptured and made into something new.

Natural resource extraction has an enormous impact on the environment; however since most of us will never visit these sites, please take a moment and watch these videos about the people who experience the impact first hand. Here are their stories from: Canada | India | Jamaica

There are lots of good reasons to recycle. All of the things that we have are made from natural resources. For example, paper is made from trees and aluminum cans are made from bauxite. The more we recycle, the less natural resources need to be mined mountains. That saves the habitat for animals and plants to live. Recycling saves energy. It takes a lot of energy to make a piece of paper from a tree, or an aluminum can from a piece of bauxite. It takes a lot less energy to make paper from recycled paper or aluminum cans from recycled aluminum instead of bauxite. Each New Yorker throws out four pounds of waste per day. But nobody wants our trash in their backyard. So New Yorkers pay $300 million every year to people in communities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina to put our trash in their landfills and incinerators. The more you recycle, the more energy, natural resources, landfill space and money you save for future generations. Thank You for Recycling!

The Story of Broke illustrates why recycling is important