Find Your Recycling Rate by Community District

"Multiple metrics help us understand the City’s recycling achievements in residential collections. The weight of Paper and MGP collected in recycling trucks identifies absolute quantities recycled. The “capture rate” is the percentage of all Paper and MGP that is properly separated for recycling as opposed to discarded as Refuse. Capture rates identify the latent potential to recycle more. Finally, contamination rates measure unwanted materials in curbside recycling. Today’s recycling facilities are designed to recognize and sort recyclables from contamination using mechanical and manual methods. They do so with accuracy and efficiency. However, sorting and disposing of contaminants adds to the cost of recycling, and any contamination diminishes the quality of recovered recyclables." 2017 WCS

How many tons of recycling and refuse New York City residents produce each month in each community district?

Recycling Diversion Rate = Weight of Recycling ÷ (Weight of Recycling + Weight of Refuse) x 100

Find the recycling diversion rate for your Community District on the map below or look it up on NYC.GOV. Community Districts are numbered 01-18


  Data for this page comes from DSNY Monthly Tonnage Data